Reconnecting with Your Kid after a Hard Day

When we talk about perfect parenting, it’s usually about the good days and no bad days. But, this theory is nothing more than just a fantasy. There can a lot of bad days in parenting. Parents can become hard and harsh in their approach towards kid at any day due to any reason. It can lead to some unwanted words being spoken and even a firestorm of anger. Later, the parents may get remorseful about it.

Good thing is that these bad patches teach the parents some important parenting lessons. But the question is how to reconnect with the children and fill the gap produced as a result of that lash-out session. Well, there are some simple steps that you can take into consideration here.

Calm yourself
The best thing you can do is to calm yourself down before you talk to your kid about anything related to their behavior. But, we are talking about the worst case which involves post lash-out scenario. You might not be calm right now, so you need to work on this aspect. Think about the positive things. Keep in mind that your child is not the enemy. In fact, children have that natural capability to push the buttons.

Get rid of the fear
Yeah, you heard that right. It’s the fear inside you that makes you think about your correcting the kid’s mistake in a hurry. When you get angry due to child’s misbehavior and then start lashing out, you actually have this fear that your kid is going to become a bad person if he is not immediately reined. This is where things start going in wrong direction. You need to keep in mind that your kid is going to be there when you will talk to him a few hours later.

See things from child’s perspective
One of the ultimate ways to get over the anger and anxiety in you regarding your kid is to see things from his perspective. When you do that, you will be able to figure out that your kid doesn’t have any intention to offend you in any way. He rather has some demands which he needs fulfilled. In fact, your kid may be acting out due to the fear and thoughts about being neglected. It usually happens when there is a younger sibling about whom the older one develops some insecure feelings. These are the pretty big feelings for a child, so you need to assure your kid that you are there for him.

Reconnecting with the kid is extremely important after the bad patches. But, you have to make sure that you actually have developed positive feelings about your kid. An easy way to do so is to make a list of the things you appreciate about your kid. You will certainly feel positive about your kid. keeping those good things in mind, you can reconnect with your kid.